Details: Ingeteam comes to CharIn openning a recharge

Since last January, Ingeteam has become part of the CharIn organization (Charging Interface Initiative eV), focus on the expansion of the fast recharging systems for CCS Combo vehicles.

The CharIn e.V. society was founded by Audi, BMW, Daimler, Mennekes, Opel, Phoenix Contact, Porshe, TÜV SÜD and Volkswagen with main quarters in Berlin. Born to support the infrastructure for fast charging for the next generation of electric cars with higher autonomies, that most of the manufactures are developing. The three main objectives of this association are:

Develop and stablish the combine charge system (CCS) as a charging standard for electric vehicles with every type of batteries.

Make requirements to evolution the norms related to charge and develop a certification system to be use by all the manufacturers.

Promote CCS standard worldwide.

Actually, CharIn is preparing specifications for the new ultra-fast 350kW charger, that will offer a charging time of 20 minutes for a 300Kms travel.

Thanks to this join, Ingeteam will collaborate on the development for technical specifications for the fast charge system, as well as the possibilities to make operational tests.